Usps Background Check Policy 2022

Usps Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

Few jobs have as many opportunities for growth, security, or the rewards of working with the United States Postal Service. Their hiring process is strict.

Perhaps you’re wondering if mistakes made in the past might come back to haunt your application for employment with USPS.

Or to be more succinct, just what is the USPS background check policy? I will tell you all about it below.

  • USPS Background Check Policy 2022
  • The United States Postal Service conducts a thorough background for every potential hire as of 2022. The background check includes an examination of the applicant’s driving records, particularly for those positions that involve the use of motor vehicles. A criminal conviction does not necessarily disqualify an applicant for the USPS.

  • Read on for details about USPS’ background checks and the factors that could cause you to lose your job with the Postal Service. You also have the option of being fired if there is a felony in your records.
  • USPS Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    What Type of Background Checks Does the USPS Conduct?

    As an agency independent of the executive branch of federal government, The United States Postal Service is a select employer and performs background checks.

    These are two of the most well-known and easily recognized: the criminal background check, and driver’s records check.

  • A criminal background check is performed to determine “…where an individual has been, lived in, worked or studied within the United States of America or any territories.
  • It is only valid for five years. Unfortunately, this does not include any time the applicant was abroad in the five-year period.

    That may invalidate the candidate for employment.

    For background checks to begin, please provide your name, addresses, and driver’s license numbers (for driving jobs).

    Also, you will need to confirm your birth date and social security number.

    But before USPS looks into any of that, you will be asked for your consent for the agency to perform this check.

    USPS can also check your employment record, such as whether or not it has been terminated.

    Be honest – the application isn’t being fed into a machine that disqualifies you if you have been fired.

    You will have a live person reviewing your application. These people (along with any hiring staff) are able to evaluate the facts and make a decision. Fireing isn’t an immediate decision.

    Is there anything that can stop you from working for USPS?

    While being fired from a previous job or even being convicted of a felony aren’t disqualifiers from working for the USPS (provided you are honest), a poor driving record might be.

    For a driving position, such as a rural mail carrier, you will need to bring clean driving records.

    Some automatic disqualifiers include:

  • Less than two years of proven driving record
  • Driver’s license suspended minimum once every three years and at most twice per five
  • At least one time in five years driving license revoked
  • You must be reckless driver at least 3 times per year, and 2x/5 in 5 years.
  • DUI (drugs, alcohol, etc.) at any point
  • Other traffic offenses: At least 3 in 3 years; at most 5 in 5.
  • Afault-related accidents must not be more than two times per year or in any case that leads to a fatality.
  • Any hit-and–run offense
  • You can still be hired even if you have a bad driving record. You can, it’s possible. It won’t affect how you do your job.

    You won’t be eligible for any USPS positions if you have one of these convictions.

    USPS Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

    Do You Have to Be a Felony To Work at the USPS?

    When considering convicted felons for employment, the United States Postal Service adopts an extremely balanced and fair approach.

    Their background check statement

    Postal Service acknowledges that many people with criminal records are capable of fulfilling the postal duties. These candidates are eligible for job opportunities based upon their merits.

    According to this belief, even convicted felons may apply. They can expect their applications to be evaluated with fairness and openness.

    Certainly, showing steps toward rehabilitation after the criminal offense is a necessary part of that evaluation.

    You might be required to have no other convictions or positive employment history after your incarceration.

    In that spirit, it is also important to report misdemeanor convictions. Then, the suitability of the applicant after such an offense, will also be assessed.

    Additionally, there might be a gray zone in which you were not convicted or charged; sentenced but the ruling was overturned; or, perhaps, of a non-criminal (civil), offense.

    Or perhaps you have a criminal record from juvenile court which was expunged when you reached your majority.

    The USPS doesn’t require that you report in any of these situations.

    How Far Does A USPS Background Check Go?

    The Postal Service looks at your history up to five years previous.

    If I were to guess, their reasoning behind this time frame is the same as their willingness to hire people convicted for felonies.

    That is, if you can show that you have rehabilitated or maintained a principled life for the last five years, you show promise as a prospective employee.

    For more information on USPS, please visit our USPS posts about USPS’s leave of absence policy and USPS orientation.

  • Conclusion
  • The United States Postal Service engages a background check of every potential employee on their pre-hire list.

    Although applicants may not be immediately disqualified from the program for felony convictions, they must prove that they are rehabilitated and worthy of another chance.

    What far back does the Usps Background check go?

    How deep can a background check by USPS go? The Postal Service looks at your history up to five years previous.

    What is the biggest obstacle to you working for Usps

    The applicant or potential driving employee who has one or more violations in the past 3 years, or two or more violations in the past 5 years, for offenses such as reckless driving, careless driving, negligent driving, and attempting to elude or evade a police officer, is disqualified.

    How long does Background Check for Usps take?

    How long does a USPS background check take? The average background check takes between 7 and 10 days.28 January 2022

    How long does a background check at the usps-gis take?

    Average time to complete is between 7 and 10 business days.8 November 2018

    .Usps Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)