Driver Support One Review

Driver Support One Review

driver support one review

Online Promises are Not Realistic

Let’s examine software user comments and reviews online. The following information was found after we searched the Internet for Driver support. MyWOT’s site review claims that received a score of 1.3 out 5 on MyWOT and is considered unsafe. Trustpilot reviews users complaining of slow computer performance and bad interfaces after installing the product. Others pointed out that when you purchase the license it is not clear if it is a one time or monthly subscription. Some of the reviews are very positive.

Many users have criticized the software for failing to fix any issues and not fulfilling its promises. Many complain that the software didn’t fix the audio problem after it updated its drivers. Fair enough, users shouldn’t waste their money buying software that doesn’t fix audio problems. Drivers can also be manually updated via Device Manager.

The program isn’t malicious or illegal, so it should not be called Driver Support viruses. Although it is considered safe, some antivirus software vendors continue to label it potentially undesirable.

driver support one review


Software doesn’t automatically install and download updates. You must do this manually.

Image 1 of 5. Image 2 of 5, Image 3 of 5, Image 4 of 5, Image 5 of 5. Driver support can scan your computer and identify drivers that need to be updated. The program pulls the links for the most current driver versions from its extensive database. However, it requires that you manually download and install these drivers. Driver update software doesn’t support all operating systems, and it can’t locate as many drivers than other programs.

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Driver Support didn’t perform well in our tests. None of the other products we evaluated had any truly outstanding results. Out of the 149 outdated drivers we counted on our test PC, it found a scant 69 of them. This falls below the category average, which is 74. Advanced Driver Updater however, found only 48 drivers, which was a poor 32-percent success rate.

Driver Support displays the version information for every driver installed, but it does not show the source. This is troubling. This is a disconcerting fact. Without knowing the source, it is impossible to verify that the manufacturer of the original equipment (OEM) has installed the updates. Driver Support is also a manual process that requires you to manually download the update and then install it. The best software does this automatically. A novice computer user many not feel comfortable doing this, and even if you know how, it can be time-consuming and a hassle.

This driver software features an easy-to-use interface. The homepage makes it easy to start a scan. You also have the option to backup and restore drivers.

In case you’re unsure about how often to scan your computer’s drivers or you worry you’ll forget to do it altogether, the software lets you schedule scans to run automatically. The program has great exclusion and uninstall features that not all software offers. This feature allows you to select whether to remove or update drivers individually. Software does not install malware, bloatware, or nag advertisements, which is unlike other programs.

Driver Support offers more customer support options than any other driver updater we reviewed. You can reach the company by phone or email, and there is a knowledgebase on its website that’s full of helpful information. It is compatible with Windows 10 (the latest operating system), Windows 8/7, and Windows XP. You can use the software even if you don’t have the most recent version.

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Is Driver Support Program Legit?

Driver Support, a legit program, is the first to find the right driver for the model and make of the user’s computer hardware. This allows the PC to be optimized and prevents crashes.

What is Driver Support One and Do I Really Need It?

Driver Support scans your computer and identifies which drivers need to be updated. You will need to manually download the latest driver version links from Driver Support’s large database. Oct 16, 2018.

Does Driver Support Cost Money?

A regular monthly charge is charged for Driver Support. This service includes tech support on any home computer. The monthly fee represents a significant savings compared to similar services that can run $250-$500 per year.

How do I cancel my Driver Assistance Subscription?

For cancellation instructions, visit the “Your Account.” page on our site. Your subscription will be cancelled at the close of your current billing cycle. Click “View billing details”, on the “Your account” page, to see when you account will be closed. August 17, 2021

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