Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

Walmart’s average store covers over 180,000 square foot, which means you may need assistance finding the right item.

  • One particular item that is extremely hard to find is condoms. We have all the information you need to find out where Condoms can be purchased at Walmart.
  • Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

    Where Are Condoms In Walmart?

    Walmart’s selection of condoms will usually be stationed along or near the health aisle next to the men’s razors. In-store pharmacies of Walmart may also stock condoms. In packs of 10, or greater, most Walmart stores carry a variety of brand condoms like Durex, Trojan, Skyn and Durex.

  • For further information on how to swiftly spot condoms at your local Walmart store, keep reading!
  • You can find condoms using the Walmart app
  • If you’re still facing difficulty detecting the condoms, we recommend downloading the Walmart + App straight to your Android or Apple smartphone.

    Once you have downloaded the file, simply enter your Zip Code in order to locate your closest Walmart. Next, use the search bar to type “condoms”, and then click on “Search”.

    If your selected Walmart has the necessary stock, the App will inform you of exactly which shelf and aisle the condoms are stationed on.

    All handheld devices can download the App from the App store or Google Play. However, to access this app you must log into your Walmart account.

    If the App isn’t for you, numerous Walmart associates will be willing to help you locate the condoms.

    Is There Condoms Available in Grocery Stores & Pharmacies

    Target, Walgreens Walgreens Meijer Rite Aid CVS Pharmacy Coles Kroger and Walgreens all have condoms. These can be found near deodorant and razors in men’s healthcare. Some stores might also keep condoms locked in cabinets behind the counter.

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    Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?

    Walmart Can Sell What Condoms

    You’ll find many brands of condoms at Walmart such as Durex and Skyn, Lifestyles and Magnum.

    With the option of Latex and Non-Latex condoms available, there are many designs. In general, 10 condoms cost $6-9 for a set, but 24 condoms are only $10.

    Walmart stocks sampler packets containing 90 condoms that cost only $15.49 if you’d prefer to buy in bulk. Walmart provides access to the complete list of available condoms on its website.

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    .Where Are The Condoms Located In Walmart + Other Stores?