Cobra Radspeed Xb Driver Review

Cobra Radspeed Xb Driver Review

cobra radspeed xb driver review

It’s all about the looks

Cobra RADSPEED XB was a welcomed change from the autumn’s review of minimalist player irons. Cobra doesn’t hesitate to be bold as can be seen in this black/white/neon-yellow color scheme. You can see the yellow on the sole as well as the headcover.

Address shows that the RADSPEED XB driver has a long length from front and back, with a triangular shaped shape. There’s a lot going on with the crown – patches of carbon fiber at the edges, white trim around the perimeter, and the “C” alignment aid. While it might be distracting for some, Cobra players will appreciate the break from the usual.

In almost every situation, the only thing that is noticeable is face milling. The RADSPEED XB is markedly different from other RADSPEED XB models, even at the address.

cobra radspeed xb driver review


The name “RADSPEED” refers to Cobra’s new RADIAL Weighting. Cobra has increased the distance between the front and back weights to “unlock faster ball speed with high forgiveness.” In my podcast with Tom Olsavsky [listen HERE ], I also learned that Cobra aimed not to maximize the rear weighting but to find a balance between front and back weighting that optimized performance.

These are just a few words to say that the RADSPEED XB Cobra drivers is by far the best I have ever experienced. In the past, many Cobra drivers felt excessively back weighted to me, which made them awkward to swing. The RADSPEED XB feels “normal” during the swing but still has huge forgiveness.

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It was amazing how consistent the ball speed, distance and launch monitor performance were during testing. I found that I was hitting many shots that were not perfect, but good enough to continue testing. Despite that, my smash factor never dipped below the high 1.4s. It was a 5-10 yard gain when I found the dead center of my face with Project X HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX shaft.

The precision was what I noticed when looking over the data. The RADSPEED XB is a mid-spin driver that really wants to put the ball in the short grass. My drives were not very curved, whether they were good-not great shots, simple ones or those that weren’t mentioned. Each shot feels solid and is at least slightly better than what I was expecting.

cobra radspeed xb driver review

Need To Know

PRICE: PS369.00 YEAR : GolfMagic tested the brand new Cobra Radspeed driver for Bryson de Chambeau in 2020, and it is an absolutely beast.

It’s the first new driver for 2021 that we have tested, so of course it goes straight to the top of our list for the year ahead – but we think it could very well end up staying there for the entirety given just how impressed we are with its all-round performance. It is definitely the benchmark.


Although PS369 may be expensive, it is still a good value for money compared with other premium brand drivers in 2021.

It’s remarkably powerful off a tee peg so it’s very easy to see why Bryson is already getting so pumped about putting it in play on the PGA Tour.

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Watch our video review above to get our full verdict and stay tuned to our YouTube Channel to see how the RADSPEED performs in our 2021 Drivers Test.

Cobra’s RADSPEED XB Driver was also a big hit. It offers a little bit more forgiveness and provides more assistance with distance off the tee.

cobra radspeed xb driver review

Cobra Radspeed Review

This article was updated April 23, 20,21. Read more about our experts and the testing process. At the time Cobras released their latest driver, it is clear that speed is the most talked-about topic in golf. You’ll be aware that the Cobra club is used by Bryson Dechambeau, the longest player on the tour. The Cobra Radspeed drivers will be reviewed and I’ll see if they are as fast as the name suggests.

Three excellent Cobra Radspeed drivers are available. They deliver both speed and forgiveness. Radspeed XB gives you a very high launch option. Radspeed XB allows for a faster driver. Radspeed XD is a slower ball-flying model. They are all great drivers and can hit a long, straight ball with lots of forgiveness.

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Can The Cobra Radspeed Drive Driver Be Forgiving?

Cobra states that the RADSPEED models have a split weight radially from front to back. They are also extremely stable and can either be forgiving, low spin, or draw biased.

Is Radspeed Better Than Speedzone?

The RadSpeed is an improvement on the SpeedZone be it a small iterative one. I think that both the Cobra RadSpeed and the SpeedZone should be played by more golfers. Cobra does not spend as much advertising as companies. This is how their clubs can offer such great value.

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What is The Cobra Radspeed?

Every RADSPEED club comes with Arccos shot tracking sensors. Cobra claim it’s best “pay-to-get better” method in the game. Even at $99/year (after the first free period ends), it’s less expensive than lessons. Average gofers using the technology see a four-shot improvement in their score. Sep 29, 2021

Which Cobra Driver Is The Best?

Cobra King Speedzone Extreme is the overall winner.

.Cobra Radspeed Xb Driver Review

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