Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card

Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

Walmart gift card are very useful because of the variety you can get with them. You might find it more convenient to have money, so you may want to trade gift cards for cash.

The question you might be asking is: Can I receive cash back on my Walmart gift cards? Here’s what I found out about Walmart’s policy on cashback from gift cards:
Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

Can You Get Cash Back From a Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

Walmart does not give cash back on Walmart gift card balances as of 2022. Customers may be able to get the balance in cash from some states (e.g., California, Colorado or Massachusetts), New Jersey, Oregon Rhode Island Vermont and Washington.

  • You’ll find out how to earn cash back at Walmart plus an exclusive hack in the next section.
  • Secret Hack For Getting Cash Back On a Walmart Gift Card
  • While there is no official way of receiving cashback from a Walmart Gift Card, the below hack seems to work really well.

    Step 1. You’ll need to buy an item slightly less expensive than your Walmart Gift Card, and then pay with cash or a card the difference.

    Example: The $55 product can be bought with a $50 Walmart Gift Card, and $5 cash.

    After the payment has been received, keep the receipt. This will be considered a “cash transaction” by Walmart.

    Step 2 – Keep your product in their original box. Return it within 14 days.

    Step 3: You will now receive a refund which can be put onto a debit card or received in cash.

  • Other Ways To Get Cashback from a Walmart Gift Card
  • Take your Walmart gift certificate to the customer service desk if you are required to offer cash back for gift cards.

    If an employee doesn’t know your state’s regulations on returns of gift cards, they may need to be asked for help.

    Be aware that some states have a limit on how much cash can be refunded from a gift card – for example, California requires that the gift card balance is below $10 for it to be refunded.

    Be sure to verify the rules in your state before you ask for cash back on your gift card.

    Do I have the right to cash my Walmart gift cards?

    However, you may not be able to get all of the amount in cash. Raise. CardCash. Cardpool. Gift card exchanges.

    Additionally, Walmart also offers a gift card buyback incentive where you can exchange unwanted gift cards for other stores at up to 95% of the original value.

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  • Conclusion
  • A Walmart gift card cannot be exchanged for cash unless the state mandates that gift cards must be cash-returnable. If you don’t have the funds to sell the card, then you might consider selling the card through a gift-card exchange website.

    .Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card In 2022?

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