Callaway X Hot Driver Review

Callaway X Hot Driver Review

callaway x hot driver review

Callaway X Hot Driver Review 2021

Hot driver means it should live up its title.

Hot makes me think of distance and pure speed. Callaway X Hot is able to offer some of these speeds, as well as forgiveness. All of this for a really good value.

Callaway X2 Hot Driver comes with the VFT Face technology that Callaway has mastered in the last few years. This technology allows for variable facial thicknesses across large sweet spots.

When the face offers you more forgiveness in the bad spots and less forgiveness and more performance in the sweet spot, this is a good thing.

Callaway, as a company has made significant strides towards producing lightweight titanium drivers which can travel a lot.

In almost all reviews of Callaway Drivers, you will see the phrase “very fast ball speeds” repeated throughout.

Callaway’s premium driver, the Callaway X Hot Club isn’t. You get a more affordable and forgiving choice at a reasonable price.

callaway x hot driver review


TaylorMade X Hot M2The TaylorMade X hot M2 Driver is very similar in distance and forgiveness to the X hot. The M2 also features a price point right around that $249 mark.

Remember that sometimes, a club will just look better to someone than to another when you read a review. There may be no other way to describe it than it just feels and looks better in your hands.

We try to give you a variety of options to choose from. Some people are just not Callaway people, even if this Callaway X Hot Driver Review has you thinking that it could be a good club for you.

Click to Check Price Cobra F9

If you want to have greater adjustability, the Cobra F9 is an option.

It is clear that the F9 club will accommodate more players. The shaft adjustability options allow the F9 to work with scratch golfers or those who have a 30 handicap.

The X Hot doesn’t have the same range. The adjustable hosel is adjustable to make your driver fade, draw or launch more aggressively.

callaway x hot driver review


Hopefully this Callaway X Hot Driver driver review will show that X Hot features a lot of positives.

To save money, many beginners will opt for a set of boxes to get something more forgiving.

After so many years in the game, I think its really a better decision to look into a driver like this, combined with a few irons wedge Get yourself something that rewards you for a great shot and will help you improve through the years. Do not spend your money on something you will break in the first year.

Although I fully agree with your $500 starter driver being absurd, getting an X Hot is a wise decision. It has the adjustable lie, extremely lightweight shaft and high performance shaft.

We want to know what you think about your X Hot Driver.

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callaway x hot driver review

Speed Frame Face



The X Hot Driver’s first feature that grabs your attention is its finish. Callaway took a bold step and chose a matte gunmetal finish for his crown. You will also find a unique alignment tool on the crown and some tiny red, black, or grey graphics around the crown’s edges. While the grey crown may catch your eye, to me the sole of the club just finishes off the entire package by presenting a well-done contrast. Callaway chose to use red and white for the sole of X-Hot. The two serve as a stark contrast to the muted grey crown and black face and the entire package works tremendously well together.

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Face and Head

In this area, the X-Hot is truly unique. Not because it is radical, but instead because it is so clean and classic looking. The X Hot’s rounded head doesn’t look like the many triangular heads you can see. There is no doubt that it is a 460cc driver, yet it is in a subdued style that doesn’t seem all that large to your eye. Obviously the finish plays a role in this though as well. The overall shape of this driver is classic, clean, and elegant.


For the purpose of this review I used the X-Hot driver in the 11.5 degree loft paired with the stock red Project X Velocity shaft.

callaway x hot driver review

Callaway X Hot Driver Review

Independent Golf Reviews is the founder and main author. I have been using this Callaway X Hot Driver driver many times now.

Over 10 years I have been reviewing and testing club clubs.

These are my general thoughts and experiences regarding Callaway’s driver.

Callaway has a new approach to business. You can see it in their products and you can see it in their buzz. Callaway once was the best-known name for drivers. Big Bertha still remains the greatest selling driver of all time. Callaway was losing market share in the past few years. This was due to poor timing, failed innovation and bad luck. Last year Callaway decided to shake things up from the top down. You can already see the benefits of this. They also added long-lasting hitters to the staff. The consumer benefits from this top-to-bottom change. The X Hot driver is one of their new products that has generated some real buzz because it is an excellent, lightweight, easy to swing bomber.

There are many reasons why this product is winning awards and recognitions.

While the X Hot is the less technical model in the Callaway driver line-up, it still offers many great features. All titanium heads are available with Callaway Opti-fit hosels. Available in standard or pro sizes. This driver is powered by speedframe technology. Callaway designed the fastest face possible for this driver, and it shows. It is one of the most fast drivers I know. I’m happy to report that this driver helped me earn my X Hotbomb patch. It took me just 325 to get one. Although it was wind- and hill-aided, you can still feel the ball exploding from your face. It can rise rapidly and reach quite high. I didn’t have any issues elevating this driver. The launch was a bit lower when I changed it to the open setting. It also created a more balanced flight compared with the desire for the X-Hot left to stay in the straight setting.

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This is a lovely metallic sound. Although it is slightly higher than RAZR drivers, due to titanium vs. Composite being used, the sound is still quite muted. It is clear that the metal ting sounds good in your ears, and you have just struck a great one.

callaway x hot driver review

Take a look at this

TG Rating: 3.8 of 5

Rating by Owner Not yet rated

A retro look will stir memories; the draw bias makes this the adjustable driver for all abilities.

It was shorter than the RazrFitXtreme and there was less distance. However, some people were not forgiven which led to greater dispersion.

RRP PS249.00

2013 Drivers Test The testers returned mixed reviews on the matt grey finish. Joel liked the Tour’s compact design and felt the compression at impact. Kit loved the sharp flight outside, his dispersion of just 4 yards was impressive. Chris and Graeme struggled to get the distance other drivers were achieving while a feeling of toe up combined with the draw bias didn’t add confidence.

Callaway’s new X-Hot woods and irons have been engineered to offer more distance at an affordable price. This range includes two sets. The X Hot Clubs are aimed at game-improvers while the X Hot Pros were designed for those with more skill. The next in the X-series is this range.

callaway x hot driver review

Callaway X Hot Pro Driver Review

Callaway’s new X Hot Series of woods promises to be some of the hottest. We are happy to confirm this.

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Over the last handful of years, Callaway Golf has released numerous drivers trying to appeal to golfers of all abilities. This year, Callaway has trimmed down its offerings to three drivers; there is the RAZR Fit Xtreme (the sequel to last year’s RAZR Fit) and the new X Hot and X Hot Pro. The RAZR Fit Xtreme offers the most adjustability of Callaway’s three drivers and is aimed at the better player. The X Hot line, on the other hand, is aimed at golfers seeking a little more in the way of forgiveness and a lot more in the way of distance. Callaway claims that this driver is their hottest and their most popular.

The company has their own “X Team” which consists of long hitters. Callaway employees will receive a bomb patch for every 325+ yard drive they hit. A special patch called “4 bills”, which is available to those who have hit a ball over 400 yards, is also given. Callaway promises that although amateurs may not hit the ball as far as they used to, the club will make it easier for them. You can read on to see if the club really is as hot as it claims.

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Information about the test model: With a stiff flex, the club’s stock Project X Speed shaft is used.

Driver esthetics underwent a major overhaul in the recent years. For many years, the go-to look was a dark (usually black) crown but all that changed with the introduction of white drivers. Today, companies have become bolder about their appearances and many color options are available. Callaway selected a matte grey as the driver’s crown for the X Hot Pro. A clean, straight look is important to me. I love the Mizunos because I didn’t see any alignment markings. This club’s top has no markings. This club has an extremely clean, sleek appearance when placed behind the ball. It doesn’t look quite as sleek and simple as the standard X-Hot, which has graphics surrounding the club’s edge. With red and white accents, the sole of driver’s foot has a gloss black finish. The black finish on the club face features some grooves that are painted white, as well as a stylized “X”, which marks the sweet spot.

I think this driver has the best look of any of my drivers over the years. Like I mentioned, this club is simple yet elegant. This club’s finish is also a great choice. The matte gray is different enough from the standard black that it stands out and has that uniqueness about it but isn’t distracting as some of the other bolder colors might be. You don’t have to worry about glare even when it is shining brightly. Callaway’s marketing strategy has been perfect. There is no other driver that has this matte finish. It’s obvious when you use it, but not distracting enough to turn people away.

callaway x hot driver review

Callaway X2 Hot Driver: Review

Golfmagic Is Callaway’s new X2 Hot driver really hotter than the previous X Hot?

CALLAWAY Big Bertha Alpha Drivers and Big Bertha Alpha Drivers are receiving all the accolades right now.

X2 Hot is hotter than last year’s X Hot. Like the 2013 X Hot line, the X2 Hot comes available in different options of 460cc standard and 440cc Pro, but for this review we’re simply going to look at the former because it fits the wider range of abilities from high to low handicappers.

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with the X Hot driver, I averaged 243 yards off the tee from 10 balls with a longest drive of 255 yards. At 2700 RPM the spin rate and offline dispersion were a bit high.

This time around, and using GC2 shot data at City Point Golf in Moorgate , I hit 10 drives to an average of 261 yards – so a dramatic 18-yard gain on the X Hot driver – and spin rate was pleasingly a little lower than the X Hot at around 2400 RPM.

Comparing this data to the Big Bertha Alpha driver Big Bertha Alpha shot data, I found that X2 Hot was 3 yards more than Big Bertha (22250 RPM), and 3 yards less than Big Bertha Alpha (2100RPM).

.Callaway X Hot Driver Review

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