Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review

callaway epic flash sub zero driver review

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review – Low-Spin Performance

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews No Comments In this review, I’ll be taking a look at the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero driver.

The Sub Zero driver variant was first introduced a couple seasons ago, and it’s Callaway’s attempt to accommodate better players who need less spin.

It features all of the Epic Flash’s original features except that it takes up less space and is more forward in its CG to allow for lower spin.

So, how does the Epic Flash Sub Zero perform in comparison to the Epic Flash? Does it make sense to have in your bag? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

You can read on to discover everything you need in order to make an educated purchase.

callaway epic flash sub zero driver review

Need To Know

PRICE: PS499.00 PER YEAR: From 2019, Callaway Epic Flash uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to power its motors and is already causing a stir in the golf community. Callaway claim this to be the most powerful driver they have ever made. We think so.

With a lot of drivers being launched onto the market this year, the Callaway Epic Flash was one we were really excited about. Artifical Intelligence was used to cycle through 15,000 iterations of Flash Face before it came up with Flash Face. This is a first-of-its kind technology.

Callaway drivers love Jailbreak technology. Flash Face is also a very popular feature. See our review video below, which compares the Epic Flash Sub Zero with the Callaway Epic Flash.

Callaway Epic Flash & Sub Zero Drivers Review

callaway epic flash sub zero driver review

Callaway Epic Flash

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Callaway Drivers Callaway Drivers Flash Face review The brand’s new Callaway Epic Flash drivers are a testament to its innovation in driver design.

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You have to see the Flash Face to truly believe it.

* Callaway Epic Flash drivers – FIRST LOOK!

Callaway created the Epic driver with revolutionary Jailbreak technology two years ago. Epic is without doubt the most loved piece of golf equipment, and Jailbreak has delivered amazing performance and speed.

Epic Flash represents another breakthrough in driver technology and looks poised to surpass its predecessors.

The Epic Flash Sub Zero and Epic Flash Sub Zero were my first drivers to be tested at Callaway’s Ely Performance Centre, Carlsbad (California), at the beginning December. Since then, they have been a constant companion. These drivers are more than capable successors to Rogue’s excellent Epic Flash and Sub Zero drivers. They deliver performance on every aspect – I think I have found my gamer for 2019.

Please allow me to tell you why.

callaway epic flash sub zero driver review

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review 2021

Epic was used by many golf clubs as a descriptive term.

Callaway started this last year with the release of their first-ever Epic Driver. It was sold fairly well, but there was not much “Epic” about it.

The Epic Flash has been released this year and we’ll be reviewing it in detail.

Callaway was able to create both the Epic Flash Sub Zero as well as the Epic Flash Sub Zero for every option within the Epic Flash Line.

Epic Flash Sub Zero made it possible to create the Lower Handicap Golfer. This driver is low spin, high launch and highly adjustable. The driver has a 12-gram sliding weight for ball flight control.

Of course, we can’t leave out the JailBreak Technology, who wouldn’t want JailBreak Technology on their Driver.

Jailbreak Technology is simply Callaway’s way of saying that they installed some supportive bars behind the clubface to increase impact load on the face. The advertisements show them looking like prison bars.

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callaway epic flash sub zero driver review


The Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero took it up a notch from the original Epic Driver that was released prior.

Although the Epic Flash felt great and was well received, it’s a completely different experience.

It is great that the driver was made using artificial intelligence and machine-learning.

This is a great option for players who want a stock driver that gives them straighter flight.

All great players will agree that, although these Driver’s can go a long distance, it is worth the effort to get feel.

Not hitting the ball at 300 yards straight and directly into a bunker is not a good idea. It’s much better to hit it 290 using the fade you know and feel because the driver gives great feedback.

This Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review was enjoyed by me. Click the button to see the latest deals and download this driver!

callaway epic flash sub zero driver review

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review 2021

You shouldn’t confuse this with Epic Driver or Epic Sub Zero Driver.

Yes, it’s probably time they put the Epic name to rest for a while, regardless of that fact, the standard Epic Flash driver is one that is certainly worth our review.

Flash Drivers have become one of the most talked-about clubs in golf right now.

We’ll be reviewing the Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review to see how it stacks up against other Epic Drivers.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Reviews Similar to Epic Flash Sub Zero, the Epic Flash Driver comes with an adjustable weight. In the Epic Flash Sub Zero you get a 12-gram weight. The Epic Flash Flash has a 16-gram Weight.

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Epic Flash is for high-handicappers. Sub Zero offers more benefits for lower handicap players. It is more likely that a heavy weight promotes a draw or fade bias.

This Driver was developed to aid players in getting faster ball speeds, with some forgiveness and control of ball flight. There is so much to do in one new product.

Do You Think The Epic Flash Sub Zero is a Good Driver

However, while the Sub Zero sounds slightly more high pitched than the Epic Flash’s standard Epic Flash version, this is not a significant difference. With a more forward center of gravity, the Epic Flash Sub Zero provides a more solid impact feel to my hands. You can get feedback through your hands, which will let you instantly know how successful you shot the shot. Feb 26, 2019,

Sub Zero Better Than Epic Flash?

PERFORMANCE. Both the Epic Flash (and the Sub Zero) performed admirably. … While the Epic Flash provides distance, forgiveness, and high trajectory, some players prefer it, we found the Sub Zero to be the best head. The Sub Zero produced a lower spinrate, which allowed for the bullet launch that was our preference, so it is slightly less forgiving.

Are The Epic Flash Sub Zero’s Forgiveness and Resilience Possible?

Amazing distance, surprisingly good forgiveness, a modern look, comfortable feel, and workability are all there. Epic Flash Sub Zero is the driver for you if your swing speed is faster or you want to play better.

What is the Difference between Epic Flash and Epic Flash Sub Zero

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero’s driver features the same characteristics as standard models, but with a compact head. Jan 4, 2019,

.Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver Review

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