Big Bertha Driver Review

Big Bertha Driver Review

big bertha driver review

Everything You Should Know About Big Bertha B21 Callaway Driver

Callaway’s new high-launch driver, the B21 driver (which increases ball speed) is Callaway’s first driver to have a low forward centre of gravity. Callaway claims that this low-spin driver is the new low-spin formula for accuracy and distance at normal swing speeds.

What tech do you use?

Just like Callaway’s Mavrik driver, the B21 driver has Jailbreak bars behind the face to max out ball speed from whatever swing speed you can muster. To ensure the best performance, there’s a titanium Flash Face that is stronger and lighter than before. There’s also an Triaxial carbon crown which helps to rinse out every drop.

Callaway said that the new B21 heads are larger from front and back, creating a triangular form which increases forgiveness. To counteract the distance-zapping effect, each head is equipped with an internal draw bias.

Callaway Suits created a shaft entirely new for the B21 Metalwoods. It is lightweight and has an active tip section. This allows it to increase loft at impact. Shots are therefore flighted higher in order to maximize carry. Golf Pride’s Tour 360 Soft is also available as a special grip.

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big bertha driver review

Callaway Big Bertha – Clubtest2021

Courtesy of Callaway

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 22 new drivers to help you find the right one for your game. For more information on the testing process click here. Here’s the Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver result. Callaway Big Bertha B21 contains the entire driver and test list. I like the feeling, high launch and extra comfort. This was my favorite by far.” All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. Links may result in GOLF.COM earning a fee. There may be a variation in pricing.

THE OUR TAKE The aesthetics are important, but don’t let that stop you. According to one test, the “saphire blue and red” feel just right for them. Some also wondered if they could bring home their club. “I love the feeling, can you get a triple-love? Launches high, extra forgiving. Another said, “This was my favorite.” They are more appealing on the aesthetic level and offer greater forgiveness. This is a driver’s dream pairing. THE DETAILS. Callaway changed the driver’s recipe to achieve the ideal balance between spin and speed. He moved the CG forward and low to decrease spin. In other words, reducing the overall spin can also decrease side-spin which causes bad shots to disappear from play. The result is a spin-killer, which doesn’t sacrifice consistency nor forgiveness. High-handicap slicers who are looking for more fairways will love this package. Callaway’s Flash Face SS21 technology was used to assist with mishits. It is based on Artificial Intelligence and boosts ball speed on off-center hits. Read 150+ ClubTest 2021 reviews. Details about the Product: Callaway altered the standard driver recipe and moved the CG down and forward in order to get the right balance of speed and spin. To reduce sidespin, Callaway believes that this will eliminate the possibility of wayward shots being lost. This spin-killer doesn’t compromise on consistency or forgiveness. It’s a package any high-handicap slicer will no doubt appreciate.

Click here . You can also get fitted for driving by True Spec Golf’s experts. See all angles of the Callaway Big Bertha B21

Courtesy Callaway

Courtesy Callaway

Courtesy of Callaway

big bertha driver review

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver Review – Eliminate Your Big Miss

Paul Club Review Golf Product Reviews 5 Comments

Big Bertha B21 has just been added to their driver lineup. Callaway’s latest technologies are included in the Big Bertha B21, like Jailbreak, Flash Face, Jailbreak and T2C Carbon Crown. This driver uses a very low forward CG to ensure high launch, low spin and large distances.

The Big Bertha B21 also has an internal draw bias meant to take the big miss, a slice, out of your game.

In practice, how does Big Bertha B21 compare? Are they better options than the MAVIK MAX? Is it worth putting in the bag?

Let me tell you what this review will cover:

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Keep reading for more information on how to purchase informedly

big bertha driver review

Driver review for Callaway Big Bertha V Series

Callaway Golf brought back an old favourite last year in the shape of Big Bertha Alpha and Big Bertha Alpha. Callaway has now added the V Series to its lineup.

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Callaway was a big name in the world of driver’s at the start 2014 with his reintroduction Big Bertha. With great success, the company welcomed back the iconic Big Bertha driver. Big Bertha Alpha allowed the golfer to alter the center of gravity vertically. Popular was the standard model of the club, which allowed for a variety of options that golfers could fine tune to suit their game best. Big Bertha was a driver that I had the privilege of reviewing, which was one that stayed in my bag for a very long time. But it lost it’s place to the FT Optiforce 440 driver from Callaway, which was something I had just reviewed a short while prior.

Big Bertha V Series. While some might figure because of the name that it is meant to replace the 2014 Big Bertha; that actually isn’t the case. It’s actually the replacement of the FT Optiforce that I loved so much. The first thing that I noticed about the V Series driver is that many of the bells and whistles of the Big Bertha were missing. It doesn’t even have sliding weights nor Gravity Cores. In reality, there is only one adjustment you can make to the hosel. The club has the Optifit hosel. It’s a standard feature on Callaway clubs. But don’t be deceived by its absence of fancy features. This is still an exciting club. Read on to get the full review.

Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver, with the stock Mitsubishi Bassara shaft and stiff flex. While the 10.5deg head came in my package, I was able to modify it so that it can handle as low and high as 112.5deg. In addition to the driver, I also received the matching 3 wood with the same stock shaft. These were the Stock Callaway grips. They are Tour Velvets.

Callaway Big Bertha V Series, from a look standpoint, is very attractive. 2014. The Big Bertha V Series adopted a navy, silver and red color scheme. Although I love being patriotic and the look of the club didn’t really appeal to me, The V Series is much more like the driver it replaces, the FT Optiforce. The crown features a glossy black paint job which is complimented by a black PVD face. While my preference is for no alignment aid, the V Series has adopted the Callaway Chevron logo. The logo is simple and easy to understand. The bottom continues the dark looks with red accent lines and white lettering. About my only complaint from a looks point of view is the goofy medallion on the bottom of the club. Callaway created the medallion with an Isaac Newton cartoon. It also includes the statement “You can’t argue with science.”

It is exactly what it says, matching. Same paint job. The alignment aid is the same. And, of course, there’s that silly medallion. The driver is basically the smaller, more compact version. It is fine with me.

.Big Bertha Driver Review

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