Amazon Delivery Driver Review

Amazon Delivery Driver Review, Inc.
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1994–1995)



Founded July 5, 1994

; 27 years ago




Bellevue, Washington

, U.S.
Jeff Bezos


Area served
Key people
Revenue Increase





US$22.9 billion


US$21.331 billion


Total assets


US$321.2 billion


Total equity


US$93.404 billion

Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


Number of employees
1,468,000 (Sept. 2021)



U.S.: 810,000 (Oct. 2020)




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amazon delivery driver review

I Used To Enjoy Being An Amazon Delivery Driver, But Ever Since The Company Installed Cameras In Our Vans, It Feels Like We’Re Always Being Watched.

Amazon says the AI-powered, 270-degree cameras are motion activated and not recording all the time.

They will be able to tell the driver what he is doing. Even if I am changing radio stations or drinking water, I receive a “distracted driving” notice. If I move my head from the front, sometimes I will hear a “distracted driver” notification.

This has become so frustrating. I’m receiving a notification about a distracted driver. Every time it happens, my safety score is being reduced. Management can then review my performance and either dock my hours or fire you. Amazon said the camera is there to help us with safety, but it feels like an invasion of privacy.

Most of the drivers in my DSP feel just as frustrated. Amazon also has changed their routing algorithm. It now marks multiple deliveries within a given area as one stop. This is despite the fact that the apartments and houses are scattered across the block. We find it difficult to work with such changes.

I used to think I would have freedom as a delivery driver, but most of the time I eat my lunch in my van on the side of the road because it would take me too far out of the way to find a park and enjoy the fresh air.

amazon delivery driver review

Get All Sharing Options for: Amazon Delivery Drivers Told to Turn off Safety Apps in Order To Meet Quotas

Photo by Toby Scott/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images A Vice report states that Amazon drivers receive instructions from their employers to disable the safe driving app so they can speed up and deliver more. Although the drivers work for Delivery Service Partners companies, not Amazon themselves, some report their bosses or dispatchers asking them to disable Amazon’s Mentor app. The Mentor app has been left on for long enough for them to receive a great score.

The Mentor app, which is made by eDriving gives delivery drivers a safe driver score based a variety of variables, including their braking power, acceleration and speed. Many drivers say that the app’s score helps them to receive bonuses as well as incentives from delivery companies.

Vice reports that some of the delivery companies will have the drivers keep the app on for part of the day to try to trick Amazon and the Mentor app, with one company sending drivers messages like “everyone needs to be logged into Mentor for at least 2 hours no more no less.” A driver in Michigan said the company wanted the app turned off to improve delivery times. Vice was told by an Amazon spokesperson that they were harsh to drivers for slow delivery times. Vice points out that Amazon determines which delivery routes are used and that Amazon has set the productivity targets for drivers.

Vice’s investigation found that Mentor’s bug can be annoying when it is turned on. Some drivers report it making them distracted driver when they aren’t using the phone. App Store reviews of the app include “inaccurate” and “they don’t care,” frustration personified, and “frustration will cost us jobs”. Delivery companies ask workers not to complain about damaged vehicles to Amazon. However, some choose to fix vans instead to save them from being taken out.

It’s unclear how Amazon’s recent introduction of AI-powered monitoring cameras will change this dynamic between the Delivery Service Partners and their drivers. It could be that a van camera would allow employees to see if they are turning off any other monitoring devices. Another way to deliver safe, timely deliveries is not necessarily to create an Orwellian working environment.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on if it tracks which companies make these requests of drivers.

amazon delivery driver review

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.Amazon Delivery Driver Review

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