Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

Amazon has many perks, like Prime or free 2-day shipping. In most cases, customers are able to rely on Amazon’s delivery services.

  • However, some customers find that sometimes their packages are not being delivered to the correct recipient. To find out more, read on!
  • Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address
  • Amazon customer service should be contacted at the 1-800 number to inform them if a customer received a wrong-delivery address. If the issue was caused by the delivery service, Amazon will refund customers for the inconvenience. But, it is possible that this might vary for customers who accidentally select the wrong address during their order.

  • This article will provide useful information and tips on how to obtain a refund for your packages not arriving.
  • Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    How did my Amazon parcel get delivered to the wrong address?

    An Amazon parcel may have been sent to an incorrect address for one of several reasons.

    One of the most common reasons is customers may have misspelled their address, so the courier took the package to the address that matched it.

    Another reason is if a customer has recently moved and neglected to update their address.

    However, delivery mistakes are generally made due to the courier misreading the label on the Amazon package.

    Customers are advised to verify that their address is correct on the order page.

    Amazon Can Refund Orders Sended to an Incorrect Address

    Amazon allows customers to request a full refund if their package is not sent or received at the incorrect address.

    You can ask for a refund from the customer by following these steps:

    Sign in to and navigate to Your Orders. Choose the “Problems With Your Order” option. Once you’ve selected “Problem with Your Order”, click “Request Refund” to enter your issue. For an updated status on your refund request, hit “Submit”.

    If customers would prefer to discuss the delivery issue with a real person, they can call Amazon’s customer service number, explain the issue and request a refund.

    A customer service representative might also be able to offer to replace items with new orders, although this can vary depending upon the rep customers speak to.

    Amazon is not likely to offer a full refund for customers who provide inaccurate information about their address. It is possible that this could be different.

    Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    Amazon Drivers Responsible for Faulty Deliveries

    Amazon doesn’t hold most Amazon delivery drivers responsible for any packages not delivered properly because they don’t work for Amazon.

    Amazon will notify delivery service providers if the order is delivered incorrectly. If they know who the person was, they may hold the driver responsible.

    Amazon claims no responsibility for the actions of delivery companies they partner with.

    Prime delivery may have a different schedule, as Amazon drivers generally deliver Prime orders.

    Amazon Holds Sellers Responsible for Faulty Deliveries

    If customers purchase an item from an Amazon third-party seller, that seller is only accountable for a form of violation or abuse taken against the customer.

    Sellers cannot be held responsible for any shipping or handling problems.

    However, if customers feel the delivery issue was caused by the third-party seller, they can contact the seller directly.

    They may be able to offer replacement or a full refund if the problem was the fault of the seller.

    Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    Do I have the right to keep Amazon package sent to my address by mistake?

    If a recipient receives an Amazon package they didn’t order, they are recommended to notify Amazon about the mix up by contacting customer service.

    Although the recipients will not be subject to any penalties for keeping the package, Amazon could occasionally send them a tracking notice that the package has been misdelivered. In these cases, a driver might visit their home and inquire about the shipment.

    Customers must notify Amazon customer care about any misdelivery. You can call them or send an instant message to

    What is the best way to return a package I didn’t order from Amazon?

    Amazon will notify customers if they have mistakenly received packages from them. To alert Amazon, call Amazon customer support and provide the tracking number and addresses of those who were sent the parcel.

    Amazon will track down your original order so that a delivery driver can pick it up from you and take it to the right address.

    Customers can keep their package if Amazon is unable to resolve the issue. As well, if the customer’s phone number is present on the package, customers may also attempt to phone them and arrange a private exchange.

    Customers are recommended to contact Amazon first, however, in order to respect the privacy of the customer who placed the order, and only contact them directly if Amazon is unable to rectify the situation.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon customer service can help customers if their package arrives at the wrong address. Call 1-877-586-230 to reach them. Amazon will try to locate and recover the item, or provide a return, or send a replacement.

    As well, if a customer receives a package from Amazon that they didn’t order, they can alert Amazon customer service and offer the tracking number, recipient name and home address listed on the package. If it is not fixed, the recipients can keep the package.

    What happens if Amazon parcel is delivered to the wrong place?

    Amazon Customer Service can be reached at 1-877-586-3230 if a package has been sent to an incorrect address. They will attempt to retrieve the package or issue a refund.

    How can I return an Amazon order that was not my fault?

    Amazon can be reached through your Amazon account to report the matter and resolve it as soon as possible. Amazon will mail you a prepaid shipping label in case you were incorrectly charged. Amazon pays the return shipping cost.

    .Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

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